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By now, you have undoubtedly heard of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. It's about aligning, often times, conflicting elements of who we are and how we operate. At the center of everything is your relationship with yourself which extends to your relationships with others. As you become more intricate this becomes a five-lane highway with intersections every 8 miles, not to mention potholes, broken off-ramps and wrong exit signs. Are you enabling yourself toward health or deterioration? Life is complicated and gets trickier as we learn more about who we should be and how we should act. The goal here is integration and for each individual the path there is very different. Sometimes one needs to learn about meditation, while another needs to learn about kickboxing; others need to scream, while some need to discover silence. 


This is the trickiest part of resolving yourself.  The mind is where our self-discipline lies, where our behavioral tricks are embedded, and where our self-perception reigns.  It is the foundation of all the change(s) you are going to make and, at the exact same time, all the obstacles to any change(s) you will actually achieve.  We are our own sabateurs and it's challenging!  "I said I wasn't going to eat sugary foods, but then I eat a bag of cookies!  Why?"  That is our mission: to get honest with ourselves about who we really are versus who we think we are; what we are really doing versus what we think we are doing.​

BODY (the Voice)

​Our body is our road map. It is the vessel that accurately give us a temperature reading. There is a great exercise quote saying, "Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down." And it's true. The bags under our eyes let us know the sleep last night wasn't restful and the mind-numbing dizziness we get from chronic fatigue alerts us it is time to lie down. Whether or not we think we deserve it and whether or not we think it is fair, and certainly it doesn't matter if it makes any sense. Listening you your body has been in every magazine we have ever read but what does it mean to truly listen? And how to gain patience with the largest part of our human selves?


The spirit is the greatest part of any undertaking.  It is also the most individualistic and disorganized discovery process.  The spirit is where our inner adviser is housed.  The 5-year-old inside us who knows what truly makes us giggle and jump about.  Maybe it's painting, singing, arguing court cases, writing stories, working on projects.  Our spirit doesn't only get nourished by sitting in a circle of women, disengaged from our daily life.  Our Spirit-Voice gets louder when we start to finally listen and nothing proves that more than when we sit down and write to it.  It won't always tell you to quit your job or break-up with your boyfriend.  It might, but it won't always.  Sometimes it will say "I want pink walls" or "I think I'd like to go to the symphony" or "Do I really care if they call me back?"

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